Out Lines of from violence to compassion


(Safety to Domestic Animals ofIsrael)

Ruth May, Head of Project

 InIsrael, domestic animals (dogs, cats) are divided into two separate destinies :

The regular, natural keeping of Pets, and on the other hand, the sad, mis-treatment , abuse, suffering and  heavy death rates, to those same species with almost indifference  on the matter . (This relates to the whole Israeli population- Jews and arabs alike).

Due to  despair  and distress  of those noble creatures,  the Project of ”From Violence to Compassion”  was born.  The main purpose of this Activity  is to alter the present reality, of aggressive behavior to animals, through lack of knowledge, until  transformation  of violence to understanding and compassion, by a Re-education Program.

The Educational Project’s target is mainly the Village areas of the Northern part ofIsrael

(the wholeGalileearea) mostly Arab settled ,whose culture generally  omits knowledge of Pet- raising, but rather uses those same animals (mainly dogs)- as guarding farms,  herds, etc…. with minimal care of descent  keeping(food, water, shelter) or well-being, with no interference of the authorities. (not to mention illegal acts of dog-fighting) . This very sad reality of abused  ‘ dogs in captivity ‘, must be stopped ! As the  Galilee village area is vast,  hundreds of stray dogs and their puppies, as well as cats are wandering in search for food,  water, shelter, or protection of humans ,only to be caught, abused and/or killed by them/us, humans .

The only way to stop that sequence of behavior is through Education , or re-Education.

Landmarks : 

2007 :      First steps of activities  , mainly correspondence for finances, and field

Attention to strays . Minimal support (Helen Doron Co.) and self investment.

2008 :        Building of a temporary field shelter/center  for stray animals. (collection of  Strays, treatment, daily feeding and care, until adoption / dogs).

2009   :  Co-operation  through NOGA Environment Protection Society, Sachnin area.

Joint-ventures with Dr. Hussein Tarabeih, on behalf of stray animals.

(minimal funding by : Rashut lepituah Gallil. Government support)

2010  :     Joining  to  “ Let Animals Live”  – Activation through them , with joint Co-operation and Partnership of “Noga” . Field research of needs and Requirements, (Education Program Manual) Pilot trials- (toddlers).

2011 :      Activation of the  education program “from Violence to Compassion”

In schools , both in Arab  and Jewish communities inIsrael.


Through-out  the  scholastic years 2010 and 2011, our program of changing the concept of aggression to animals , has covered more than 1500 children of both ethnic groups, in various educational frames. Likewise ,  instructions and guidance to farmers in relation to Their treatment and care of “work-dogs”. (feeding , tying, medical care, and attention).

The Education Program  “from violence to compassion” is adapted to various age groups from toddlers to high-school , according to special needs .  The aim is to promulgate humane values of refinement, and sensitivity to the pain  of animals and weaker societies  in general . The hope is to build our future generation to  value and  respect life and the Connection and link between  ’ human to human‘ ‘ human to nature’ and ‘ human to animal life’  in his surrounding.

The project  “from Violence to Compassion” to animals   includes 4 active  pathways :

1 -  “Let animals live” educational program ‘from violence to compassion ‘(including  Animal welfare and rights, by law 1994 Prevention of cruelty to Animals ).

2 -     Awareness towards  spay/neuter programs for dogs and cats to minimize  stray-population . (funds  needed to broaden explanatory  activities in Municipalities) .

3 -      Daily Maintenance to our small temporary field shelter (up to 15 dogs), with the Attendance of volunteers. At present this dog-haven is located on the property of an Arab farmer, willing enough, to enable this whole ducation & rescue activity.

“Let Animals live, Israel”  is at present, in the process of building an Education Center  and dog-shelter,  on the site  of  :  Towns’ Association of  Environment  Protection’, in the city of Sachnin . This site has  an  educational activity of approx. 60,000   High-school students and visitors.

The idea is to add to their original schedule, our welfare Animal Program, which Will include  also a practical hands-on experience with the animals, at our dog-haven.

Future plans : Local Self-Leadership Against Cruelty to Animals .

Neighborly joint-ventures (Jews & Arabs ofGalilee). (Finances needed).

4 -        Medical Attendance , Temporary Foster Homes  ,Well-being of abused strays, Dogs and cats Rehabilitation, for both emotional and behavioural reasons so that they can trust in us humans again, until their final adoption.


The “From Violence to Compassion” various activities, on behalf of domestic animals (cats and dogs), is a Stance Against Cruelty and a promise  to secure their safety and well-being. Whole populations, in vast  village areas, through no blame, but simply due to lack of a  proper aspect on the issue of animal care and handling, have been exposed to cruel behavior and treatment of dogs and cats (donkeys as well….)    for no other knowledge abuse animals, as a daily routine.

The  Project  “from Violence to Compassion”  began  in the Northern part ofIsrael,  localGalileearea, spread to other areas as well, and shows potentials of growth, demand and need. The feed-back on our education program, is delight from the experience ,a new recognition, and mostly understanding and wish to change the  sad reality of animals.

Hereby List of villages and  towns , with populations showing spread of strays - (dogs and cats- alike). The spread is mostly Arab villages, with no municipal solutions for birth control of strays. Hopefully apprehension and co-operation, can bring about a change to a better tomorrow For both humans and animals.


Town/village                         population                                         strays (cats&dogs)


Arrabe *                                   21,660                                             2000 (approx.)

Sachnin*                                  26,289                                             3000

Deir Hanna*                              9,100                                             500

M’rar                                           20,000                                            200

Issfiya (Druze)                       10,000                                            1000

Shefaram *                             36,888                                              3000

Yarka/Julis (druze)                 20,700                                      2000

Nah’f *                                       10,943                                             550

Deir el ‘assad*                        10,610                                             550

Magd’ el krum*                      13,776                                           700

Ra’ame                                    7,279                                               500

Ba’ane                                       7,063                                               500

Taib’ee *                               37,323                                             3000

Basmat-Tivon*                       6,000                                             450

Total :       220,000  (approx.)                          17,750 (approx.)


Kiriat shmona,Zfat      } total:   151,000 (approx.)                        15,000   (approx)

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