Would you like to support us and become a part of a dear boy’s Bar Mitzva Project?

June 2012

Still want to help abandoned animals in Israel?
Jamie is a Bar Mitzvah students of mine and is passionate about his Bar Mitzvah project, read below.Boaz__________________________________________ 

Hi everyone!

I’m here to tell you about an important new development with my mitzvah project!
Here’s a specific example of the great work Let the Animals Live is doing. I hope you will please donate.

Tomy is a stray that Let the Animals Live is helping. His back legs don’t function properly so he needs to get a wheelchair to move around on his own. But this will take about $1,000. Let the Animals Live is about half way to its goal, and I think it would be great it we can help LAL get the rest of the way!

Please view indiegogo.com/projects/105912  to learn more about Tomy and this fundraiser:

Together, we can save Tomy and help him live a full life.

Donations would be greatly appreciated!




12 Comments to “Would you like to support us and become a part of a dear boy’s Bar Mitzva Project?”

    • kathy says:


  1. Dorothy Bienen says:

    What a courageous story and yes…I will help this young boy with his Bar Mitzvah project! All involved deserve a huge pat on the back for a job very well done! Happy children…lucky dog!

    With gratitude and humility, Dorothy Bienen

  2. Gerard Albert says:

    Hi, congratulations for your work! I live in Barcelona, and I liked to help you. How can I do? thanks!
    A big huge,
    Gerard Albert

    • rivi says:

      Dear Gerard, Thank you so much for your message!! At the present time the MOST important help that we need in order to help the suffering animals in Israel – is by spreading the word about our work
      in order to get an many supporter and donors as possible. So – if you can ask all your friends to Join and “like” us at our Facebook page that would be fantastic of you! and please join us and “like” us yourself as well- http://www.facebook.com/Let.the.animals.live.Israel also ANY DONATIONS OF ANY SIZE IS MOST HELPFUL AND REQUIRED – YOU CAN MAKE A DONATION VERY EASILY AT http://www.letlive.org.il/eng/donate/ best regards, Riva Mayer, Resource Development Director, Let the animals live, ISRAEL

  3. Kathryn Baker says:

    I think this boy’s bar mitzva project is wonderful. I hope Tomy lives a long and happy life.

  4. Bobby Büchi says:

    Thank you Jamie, for caring about this poor dog!
    God bless!

  5. Ms Catherine Anne Malin says:

    Have you approached https://www.facebook.com/HandicappedPets They may be able to point you in the right direction of getting a chair that’s not too expensive.

  6. Jody Gunia says:

    More young men like you needed, bless your heart. Good luck on your project, you sure picked a winning one “Tomy”. A very special dog indeed, and a very special boy<3

  7. Mica says:

    Well done , good to know the world is slowly changing and people are realising that animals are our faithful companions to be saved and loved.Will make a donation.

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