Grannie Ruth updates from up north – Miauuuu,kitties

Miauuuuu, kitties


I already mentioned the cat family (mostly spayed) , living in our small animal shelter/field hospital, well Mazal tov,  to our twin black&white sisters, both with litter of kittens, chose to keep them close to mountain of hay, being often placed or minimized, by a tractor to feed goats and sheep; so our twin mothers, too young to know better, with the first sign of insecurity, just gave up on the kittens, and abandoned them, both.This morning the farmer informed me that the 2 ladies just don’t come  to feed the kitties. So I picked them, one more mature 2 weeks old , and 4 other very small 1 week kitties, some with eyes still closed. They are now in my small house, which was Pessah cleaned and partly painted, as for the last 6 months, my house served as a nursery to doggy puppies, as foster home, until adoption , so, you can imagine how it was full of s h i t and smelling like Hiria,  so now for a change I baby-sit care for 5 tiny baby cats. To think that just a day before Pessah, the last dog puppy was adopted, and I enjoyed the idea

That for a while , my life returns to me,  with no extra care, besides the daily maintenance of our northern pinat hai- so, hereby some pictures of my temporary new family. Actually, between us, I really don’t mind being occupied in keeping alive living  creatures


Wishing a happy Passover with lots of travels through-out our beautiful country

Grandma Ruth

Tnu lahayot lihiot/Galil

Let animals live


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