Our fight to stop THE HORROR of live transportation of calves from Australia TO Israel

May 2012

Dear Friends,

The Israeli Minister of Finance is considering recommendations to cancel existing import tax on live calves destined to slaughter, and to spend governmental money on building new quarantines and subsidizing local cattle breeders for their losses due to the enhanced competition. The recommendations also include substantive reduction in import duties on meat – especially red meat.

The recommendations were made by a committee under the pretext of reducing livelihood expenses for middle-class families (but include reduction of import tax on caviar…).

LAL is leading once again a group of Israeli animal rights  non-profit organizations and environmental groups  to campaign against this initiative.

Your help is needed.

Please write to the Israeli Minister of Finance, Dr. Yuval Steinitz (sar@mof.gov.il) and ask him not to decrease import tax on meat and on live calves.

Send a copy of your letter to us: veg@letlive.org.il

Main points you might want to include in your e-mail:

- The meat industry is harmful to the environment. It produces more greenhouse gasses than any other single industry. Environmental experts and UN and governmental officials around the world called for reduction in meat consumption. Encouraging meat consumption is the wrong direction to go and contradicts Israel’s international obligation to combat global warming.

- Long distance live transports are cruel and abusive to the animals. even if one takes their slaughter as a given, the extra torment, caused by these death journeys, is inexcusable. This is why experts (including those of the EU and the OIE) have stated that animals should be slaughtered near their place of raring and that transport distances should be minimized. Actively encouraging live imports contradicts these principles.

- Meat is a health hazard, causing various diseases and increasing mortality risks. Denmark has introduced a special tax on food high in saturated fat, such as meat. Encouraging Israelis to eat more meat will backfire in the form of more morbidity and more health costs.

In writing your email remember: the issue is not propagating vegetarianism (which might cause automatic defensive reaction) but opposing a policy that will encourage meat consumption.

Feel free to circulate this e-mail and to contact me with any question.

And please have a look at this to understand what our battle is all about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucn33zI4xBg

Yossi Wolfson
Coordinator for animals in agriculture
Let the Animals Live,ISRAEL


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