About us


We are the animals’ voice in ISRAEL

The Let the Animals Live association was founded in 1986 and is a non-profit organization which has set itself the goal of providing help to distressed animals, rehabilitating them and finding them adoptive homes.דבש מדהימה

Our vision is:The State of Israel is a Nation where animal cruelty has ended and all animals live peacefully full life of quality

Throughout the years of its existence the association has brought the importance of protecting animal life and preventing animal cruelty to the attention of the public by means of expanding the Animal Welfare Act and enforcing it. The association, as part of its principles, does not put animals to sleep and works to reduce the performance of euthanasia.

The association is active in the following areas:

Emergency hotline – answers calls from the public regarding distressed animals, as well as gives telephone information.

Search and rescue vehicle – with this vehicle distressed animals are picked up and transferred to the association’s shelter for veterinary care and rehabilitation.

Animal shelter – in it can be regularly found about 300 dogs and cats who receive dedicated care until a warm home is found for them. Our main animal shelter is found in Meshek Dror at the entrance to Ramla, in addition to shelters in Kfar Tikva and Sakhnin.

Veterinary clinic services – provides veterinary treatment, including spaying/neutering, at reduced cost. The clinic is open to the public and provides low-cost treatments for those who can’t afford private veterinary care.

Legal department – inquiries about matters of animal abuse and maintenance; taking care of farm animals; taking care of legislation; operating a legal clinic; and public campaigns.

“From Violence to Compassion” project – activity to educate for compassion towards animals (in association with the Center for Environmental Protection in Sakhnin.)

All of the association’s activities are financed exclusively by donations.


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