As part of their activities in operation “Brothers Return” in search of the kidnapped boys Giva’ti soldiers spotted an injured dog that had apparently been hit by a car. The soldiers immediately decided to help the dog: they dressed the injured leg, carried him on a stretcher back to safety and took care of him for two days. They decided to name him Rambo for the hero that he is. Now Rambo is under Let the Animals Live’s care in our clinic in Ramat Gan.

Thank you so much dear soldiers for having such compassion! Stay safe and be successful in finding the kidnapped boys.


Dear Animal and Israel lovers


Shifra was rescued days after being brutally run over by a car and left to die on the side of a road.  A kind person reported seeing a paralyzed dog trying to drag herself along the bushes along the road. Our northern brach “miracle doer” Ruth, searched for that dog and found her only after a few days, in a very bad shape. Shifra was rushed to our veterinary clinic where she got Intensive care for weeks till she finally got healed from all her wounds, but she remained paralyzed.  We are not giving up on lives and since Shifra was so wanting to get better and stay alive – we ordered from the US special K-9 by her specific measurments (cost of $450!) and as you can see – Shifra is very happy !

Have a look at our videos at the bottom of our home page for Shifra (and Ben-Ben) on her cart!!

Ms. Eti Altman & the Israeli President

The Founder and Spokeswoman of Let The Animals Live with the Israeli President Mr. Shimon Peres.Picture By Marc Neiman

A great looking neutered feral cat in Tel-Aviv

Let The Animals Live is the leading non-profit Animal Welfare Organization and among its activities is performing TNR Projects of Feral Cats. 

A sweet young kitten abandoned and re-homed

Let The Animals live is saving the lives of thousands kittens and puppies every year.  

Bob and his new family at Let The Animals Live Behavioural Center

Leading professional dog trainers help get our Shelter dogs back to normal life.  

LAL song of the shelter animals

Shifra the wonderful dog and her song on Youtube Please help us help the dogs in the Municipalities Pounds

A few of the cats we rescued this week.
 This are cases of abuse and neglect – not all cats survived.

This here is a video article done by an International Cable TV station about our important work to make a difference in Israel Animal Welfare situation Shifra and Ben-Ben Thank you and we for their kind support !!
 Tiki was born with no regular back paws.  We don’t want to put these dogs to sleep.Please, help us and kindly donate  Dear Cookie you are a true HERO and after fighting so hard for your life  we know that the perfect loving home is out there for you!
Shila is waiting for you — the special one — to make her once again believe in humans’ kindness.

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    Senior Citizens Visit the Shelter
    We want to send a big thank you to a group of very special people who touched our hearts: the seniors from Holon Senior Citizens Center, Zalman, Shmuel, Mazal, Gabai, Shoshana, Emma, Zvi, Yona and Bracha, and the carers Mazal and Odelia,
  • Puppyruth
    “From Violence to Compassion” – Social Educational Project that Really Makes a Difference!
    “From Violence to Compassion” – Social Educational Project that Really Makes a Difference! Translation: Anat Priddy Date: February 18, 2013 In the north of Israel, there are many stray dogs. Many of the dogs are miserable, suffer of daily hunger, dehydration, are
  • 10-02-2013
    February 2013 Proximity in Gallilee – “From Violence to Compassion A Social-Educational Project to save  stray pets (dogs &cats)   Education is the key to understanding and bringing about change to our human society. Education is our only option to human partnership